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Suarez Handed Two Match Suspension

suarez-barcelonaThe Spanish Football Association’s Competition Committee judge has handed Barcelona forward Luis Suarez a two-game suspension for his part in the incident that took place after the Copa del Rey last-16 first leg between Barcelona and Espanyol.

The referee’s official match record reported that the forward taunted the ‘Espanyol players, saying

“I’m waiting for you here, come over here. You’re a piece of trash,” were the words Suárez used during the confrontation, which required security guards and the technical staff of both sides to subdue, according to the match report submitted by referee Martínez Munuera.

“At the end of the game in the tunnel, the Barcelona number nine D. Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz, while the Espanyol players were walking up the steps of the tunnel, waited for them and said several times the following: ‘I’m waiting for you here, come here. You’re a piece of trash.'” This provoked a melee involving players from both sides, leading the security personnel present to intervene, as the technical staff of both teams did also,” the report read.

But in a break for Barca, the suspension applies only to Copa del Rey fixtures. He will miss the second leg against Espanyol, but with a 4-1 lead I don’t think the Spanish champions will need him as well as the first leg of the quarter-finals.

Despite the leniency of the suspension, Barca issued a statement indicating that they intend to file an appeal against the sanction saying that”

In the appeal, FC Barcelona is expected to argue that the player, as he later stated, did not use the allegedly offensive words that were attributed to him in the referee’s official notes following the match.