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Simeone: This time it was our turn

simeone-newestDiego Simeone continues to create history at Atletico Madrid and with each win puts himself more and more into the conversation about who is the best manager in the world?

Having witnessed his team defeat reigning European champions Barcelona, Simeone was left full of praise for his players, highlighting the togetherness of his squad and the unity felt at the club. A feeling that can only propel them forward.

A pair of goals from Antione Griezmann was enough to turn the tie with Barcelona on its head, and send Atletico Madrid through to the semi-finals with an exhilarating victory. An enigmatic character, who can often be seen on the touchline with his arms waving up and down galvanizing the crowd, Diego Simeone was left with nothing but positivity towards his players.

There is a virtue in this team, with the great work of the four and a bit years we have been together. I’m happy for these players who have come together in this team; I’m not just thinking about reaching the semi-finals, it’s more important than that. There are fewer values in society all the time, but we are a group of honest workers who can win or lose. We make ourselves strong with the tools we have.

Today, once again, we have won a tremendously difficult game – but a very nice one. We never stopped believing; we worked knowing the situation, knowing what we can do. In the first half the game was more like what we wanted; in the second it was closer to what they wanted. They had individuals who could break the game open, but we stayed together and stayed strong.

We were up against very good opponents, with great history and with players who can change a game in any moment. It was a match between teams with different strengths, and sometimes you win and we won today.

These are moments that will not return. They are unique in football. We saw loads of children on our bus journey to the stadium. They believed in us. It was a special day.

Now I’m not thinking about anything other than Granada, for sure. Manchester City have enormous financial power, extraordinary players. Madrid, Bayern … the history they have. They are all great teams. But for Atlético Madrid to be among the four best in Europe is a big step – now we can do more.