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Scolari: “It’s unacceptable that Neymar has anaemia”

neymar-barcelonaBrazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari didn’t try to hide his annoyance at Neymar’s health problems, criticising Barcelona for the way in which they planned, then managed, the recovery of the player from surgery, to have his tonsils removed.

“It’s unacceptable for Neymar to have anaemia. He was with Barcelona before the Confederations Cup and he was fine. At the moment it’s clear he’s not the same, he underwent surgery”, said Felipão in press conference with Brazilian journalists in Basle, rejecting the theory that the striker was already weak during the competition.

“It seems it was that lot [Barcelona], who know everything, who are always right. It’s obvious Neymar was going to lose weight after the surgery.“, said the coach, clearly annoyed by the situation.

Neymar had surgery to have his tonsils out in order to be able to put on weight more easily, as the player had been suffering chronic infections which would make him lose weight while ill. However subsequent to the operation the player was found to be suffering from anaemia and has lost seven kilos. Anaemia is common in surgery patients (affecting up to 90% according to some doctors)