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Rosell: Barca gave Real a "bath"

Barcelona president Sandro Rosell could not hide his glee after the club’s 3-1 win over bitter rivals Real Madrid on Saturday.

In comments reported on the club’s official website, Rosell claimed:

“It’s total happiness. It is a pleasure to lead this Club, all Barça fans should be very proud. I know what I’m going to say is politically incorrect, and I apologise in advance, but we have given them a bath. I want to say it because it was fabulous, the whole world has seen that at playing football this is the best team in the world.”

Continuing to take digs at Real, Rosell said:

“We’re becoming used to coming here [to Real] and getting good results. We always have a hard time at the start [but] we know that when we start moving the ball around, we’re guaranteed a good game, we know the quality of players, and that they’ll produce results.”



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  • richmond dogbe December 12, 2011, 6:52 pm

    Barca of course has redefined football by launching a new version of football entitled “how football is played and not talked’ do the talking and we shall play the playing. i am proud of the boys.

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