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Ronaldo Wants Back In Manchester?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Rosino

He likes fame more than he likes Soccer apparently.

So now Cristiano Ronaldo says something that secures my beliefs about him.  He says he sees his career taking him back to Manchester United eventually.  Huh?

If I’m Real Madrid I want two things:

1.  An explanation

2.  All my money back

Jim Mora got fired from the Atlanta Falcons for doing basically the same thing as what Ronaldo just did.  He romanticized another job in a radio interview and then the Falcons had a couple bad games and he got fired.  He got fired because he wanted to be somewhere else.

I don’t care how prolific Ronaldo is in Madrid…he’s there PURELY for money.  I have no problem with guys getting paid.  In fact, I encourage it.  However, you DO have to be playing for the love of the game.  So, you’re doing something you love in a place you love AND you’re getting rich of it…that’s cool.

Ronaldo is not in that kind of situation.  He went to Madrid SO that he could be the highest paid player in the history of time.  Not for any other reason.  Why do you think he plays so sporadically and gets hurt alot?  He’s thinking only of himself.  That’s why he isn’t a leader on the field.  I used to think it just wasn’t him and that was a shame because he’s Real’s best player, but now I know it’s because he doesn’t care.

He’s thinking of hsi next paycheck for the balance of every match…unfortunately that will not catch Real up to Barca this season…or any other season for that matter.

Contrast that with someone like Leo Messi who leads on the field, leads a favorite into the World Cup and leads the reigning league and European Champion.  Yeah, Messi likes getting paid, but he likes playing more.

Take some notes Crissy…you’ve been found out.


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  • Francisco Garcia February 14, 2010, 1:33 pm

    Cristiano Ronaldo loves playing, he always said he wanted to play for Real Madrid, he loves money but who doesn’t, who wouldn’t want to be the best paid and priciest player in history, every player in every sport would want that, and why would he get injured on porpuse, like every player he wants to play every game. Most importantly no one can really say whether any player plays just for money or because he loves to play, only the player himself really knows his true intentions, they might act one way but how one really is might be completely different. When anyone is a fan of someone or something and they know that they aren’t as good as they deeply want to believe, one tries to prove they are the best by making others look bad. Now you take a lot of notes because you’ve been found out!!!

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