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Ronaldo Suspension Appeal Turned Down

The Spanish Football Federation has upheld its decision to suspend Cristiano Ronaldo for five matches. Ronaldo was suspended for one match after being sent off during Sunday’s first leg of the Spanish Super Cup but he was given an additional four-match ban for shoving referee Ricardo de Burgos in the back after he was shown the red card.

Madrid submitted a detailed defense of their Ronaldo’s behaviour to La Liga’s Appeals Committee, which met at lunchtime on Wednesday, but multiple reports say that their appeal has been rejected and Ronaldo will not be able to face Barca in Wednesday’s second leg.

There was hope amongst some Real Madrid supporters that at least the second yellow card, given for an alleged dive, would be rescinded and thereby cutting the suspension to four games.

Ronaldo and Real Madrid are not happy with the red card and lengthly suspension. After the appeal was rejected, Ronaldo took to Instagram to voice his frustration at what he seems is persecution by the Spanish authorities:

“Impossible to be quiet in this situation, five games!!” Ronaldo exclaimed on Instagram.

“It seems to me [that the ban is] exaggerated and ridiculous, this is called persecution!

“Thanks to my teammates and the fans for the support!!!”

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is sure to be suspended after he questioned the decision to hit Ronaldo with a five-match ban in his pre-match press conference.

‘What we’re going to do is wait for tomorrow,’ Zidane had said. ‘The committee is going to meet in the morning. After that we will see what we’re going to do.

‘I’m disappointed. All of us are disappointed. As always, I’m not going to get involved with the referees but, when you see everything that happened…

‘We are going to talk to the committee about this as well. When you think he is not going to play in five games for us, something is up.

‘It bothers me and it bothers all of us. It’s a lot of games for him and that’s all I’ll say.’


  • August 16 – vs Barcelona (home) -Spanish Super Cup second leg
  • August 20 – vs Deportivo (away)
  • August 27 – vs Valencia (home)
  • September 9 – vs Levante (home)
  • September 17 – vs Real Sociedad (away)