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Real Madrid Fall Out Of Top Salaries List

average-salariesAccording to a report from ‘Sporting Intelligence’, Real Madrid have tumbled out of the top 10 of salaries paid to athletes worldwide.

The Champions League winers fell from second highest to 19th in the list even with salary increases at the Bernab√©u. The reason for Real’s drop is not because of cutting at the Bernab√©u, but is instead due to the rise of the Premier League and the higher wages in the USA due to a stronger dollar.

Average basic first-team pay at the Premier League club has been calculated at ¬£5.77 million per year or ¬£110,962 per week. United sit behind the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, which pays an average annual salary of ‚ā¨7.9 million, baseball’s New York Yankees (‚ā¨7.1 million) and another NBA team, the LA Clippers (‚ā¨7 million).

Amongst football teams, Manchester United are top at £5.77 million, followed by Barcelona with an average annual salary of £5.65 million, followed by Manchester City (£5.4 million. Real Madrid fell from second highest to 19th in the list even with salary increases at the Bernabéu.

Mourinho’s summer spending eclipses Pep’s City
Last year United were ranked below City, but United’s ¬£145 million close-season transfer splurge, which saw the arrival of the world’s most expensive footballer Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, has inflated their wage bill.

The two Manchester clubs are the only Premier League teams in the overall sporting top 30, with Chelsea (34), Arsenal (47) and Liverpool (60) lagging well behind American sports teams, reflecting the pound’s fall against the dollar, following Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

The Premier League remains the most lucrative global football league, with an average first-team pay of £48,766 per week. That represents a 32-fold increase on the annual figure of £77,000 for 1992-93 when the league began. Further increases are expected after the Premier League agreed domestic and global television deals worth around £8 billion for 2016-19.