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Piqué: “Madrid cannot stand seeing Barça winning so much”

piqueGerard Piqué gave an exclusive interview to Catalan daily ‘Sport’ in which he was highly critical of the continuous attacks on FC Barcelona and fired a shot at Real Madrid who he claims “are ruffled because Barça win so much”.

Attacks on Barça: “We get attacked from all sides. The moment will arrive when we have to say, that’s enough”.

Smear campaign on Messi: “There are rules and people in charge to ensure that justice is served. We’ll get to the point when we will say that’s enough. Somebody has to see that justice is done for all the shit that’s being thrown at Messi”.

Ballon d’Or: “We’ll see how ends up winning it. The cards are on the table, the votes are in anh whoever wins will be the one who deserves to. But it’s true that now the award is given more importance than it was in the past”.

Real Madrid: “For Real Madrid, it’s very difficult for them to see their main rivals winning so many trophies. That’s been the case for us during recent seasons. It’s a real pain for them. You have to accept that you win some and you lose some. It’s cyclical and right now, it’s Barça who are on top. The rivalry between us is historic and you always want your main rival to suffer”.

Atlético: “We are level on points and we beat them in the [Spanish] Supercup. Atlético has enjoyed two good seasons under el Cholo but they’re coming from behind us. Being at the top has given them oxygen but we are top, where there is no air at all”.

Champions League: “I look at the teams who have qualified for the knockout stage with more ease than we did but there aren’t many of them. We have to keep an eye on Bayern but apart from them, I don’t really see many teams who are above the others”.

Barça’s style of play: “With Pep, we built something very important which was pressing high up the pitch, stealing possession in the final third and scoring quickly from those moves. It’s a style which we must maintain for as long as we can. We don’t know how to defend in the area when we are winning; we know how to defend by applying pressure”.

Puyol: “I don’t know why they published a story saying that he was retiring. I watch him in training and the last thing on his mind his hanging up his boots. He continues to work hard just like everyone else”.