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Pellegrini Understands Real's Faults

Panoramica 002 - Estadio Santiago Benabeu
Creative Commons License photo credit: ArchiM

Atletico can score 2 goals here?

Real Madrid picked up another win to keep pace with Barca this weekend at 74 points this weekend, but they only scored 3 goals at home and this is troubling to Manuel Pellegrini.

They were at home against an inferior Atletico squad and they only managed three goals–with all of the overpriced talent that they have.  If I were Pellegrini I’d be troubled too.

You know what’s worse?  Atletico scored twice.  So, in a match against a much weaker team the score was 3-2.  WOW!

“It was important to play well in the second half.  We scored three goals and we had chances to get more. We knew what we had to do and I think the penalty was a gift that gave Atletico confidence. Although we scored three goals, it’s worrying that our opponent, almost without creating any chances, scored two goals.

“We were too static during the first half, but we had chances to equalise and we didn’t take them. (However), we were superior to Atletico Madrid throughout the match. The football we played was enough to beat Atletico, which is the most important thing.”

So, you had to score all 3 of your goals in the second half?  ANd, you’re wondering why you were so static up until that point?

*hand raised”

Ooh, ooh, can I answer!?

It’s because you have a team filled with overpaid/over-privileged players who want to “flip the switch” when they feel like it.

They really could care less when the goals get scored as long as they score them.  However, they do not realize the implications of waiting to score.  They have no idea what a mess it creates in terms of momentum and the morale of the other team.

Change your management style or accept the loss of the Premier Division title Senor Pellegrini.  Your team is off track and you know it.


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  • Brian March 29, 2010, 2:38 pm

    Keep in mind that in soccer scoring 3 goals in a match is usually considered to be a solid performance. In fact if a team scored 3 goals in every game then they would have over 100 for the season which is considered an amazing feat in the sport. Atletico Madrid isn’t the School of the Blind either. They recently beat Barcelona 2-1 snapping that unbeaten streak, so does that mean Barca didn’t feel like flipping the switch that day?

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