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Nacho Novo happy to be part of Sporting Gijon

Nacho Novo has spent a lot of time in Scotland where he enjoyed some great moments with former club Rangers, Raith Rovers and Dundee, but now playing for the Primera Division, Nacho Novo is thrilled  and anxious for this new beginning where he will most definitely be tested.

Although he might have been able to enjoy great success with the Rangers in the past 6 years playing with the club having won 3 league titles and 2 Scottish Cups, the style and skill involved in La Liga is much different that of playing in Scotland, so it will be interesting in seeing if Novo will be able to adapt and have a positive impact for Sporting Gijon.

Nacho Novo was quoted saying the following :

“I want to demonstrate many things to myself in this first opportunity I have of playing in the Primera Division in Spain. But the Sporting squad will help me a lot with that. Sporting have no reason to envy Rangers. This is a big club with a football culture, of attacking, similar to that of Rangers. The two sets of fans are similar as well. Sporting is a legend in the world of football.”

Whether Nacho Novo will be able to exceed exceptions or even play up to his exceptions, is hard to judge at this moment, but regardless of what may happen, Sporting Gijonwill take advantage of his popularity. In a way, Novo can turn out to be something like Barcelona’s Ibra, who although the club did not mesh well with the player, they still made tons of sales because of his popularity.

How do you think Novo will do for Sporting Gijon? Think he will be able to hack it in La Liga or is he setting himself up to be another upset signing in the league? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  • stefan the rangers July 3, 2010, 4:55 pm

    Nacho is an influential player for any team or supporters. He can score sublime goals at important stages in a season or competition. His work ethic is an inspiration to all who play beside him or observe him. Rangers will miss him very much. Like all good spanish footballers Nacho has the vision to sacrifice personal opportunism for the benefit of the team as a whole.

    I have no doubt that Nacho Novo will prove to be a shrewd acquisition for Sporting over the period of his contract. He can display top drawer ability, he will always produce when it matters and spur the club on to achieve higher goals.

    Rangers fans will always know that there is only one Nacho Novo! Sporting Fans will understand this over the next two years!

    Very best wishes to one of my favourite ever Rangers players.You gave everything to my club. We will never forget this


  • Daniel Taylor September 6, 2010, 9:18 am

    He’s a legend! Here’s a review of his autobiography on my blog:


  • Dawson September 10, 2010, 9:34 am

    The man is a living legend. He’s the bargain signing who went on to capture the hearts of every Rangers fan. Even if his overall ability lacked sometimes his work rate always made sure there weren’t many complaints. The man symbolises everything that is good in football and is an inspiration to any young kid watching football. He’s gone on to become my favourite Rangers player of all time, which is not easy as I watched the likes of McCoist, Gazza and Laudrup at Ibrox.

    The Sporting fans are in for a treat. They’d better commision a statue of him already.

    All the best to the wee man. There’s only one Nacho Novo!!!

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