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MSN Break Their Own Scoring Record

suarez-neymar-messiWith three games remaining this season, Barcelona’s famous MSN have already broken their goalscoring record set last year.

Last season the Barcelona triumvirate of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar scored 122 goals in 151 matches, an average of .81 goals per game.

This season the trio have been even better and they all sit near the top of La Liga’s goalscoring chart. Luis Suarez is top of that table with 35 goals, with the Uruguayan netting 54 in all competitions, while Lionel Messi has 40 and Neymar has 29.

They have combined 123 goals in 142 matches this season, an average of .87 goals per game, and appear to be getting even better together.

Could we seem them average a goal a game next season if they all stay healthy?