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Marca Takes Aim At Clasico Referee Hernandez Hernandez

Referee Hernandez Hernandez should be grateful that the LaLiga title was already decided because if not then the fallout from his decisions would have been greater still, as he got it wrong with virtually all the big calls of the Clasico with Real Madrid suffering badly as a result.

Barcelona scored their second after a clear foul by Luis Suarez on Varane and no penalty was whistled for an obvious foul by Jordi Alba on Marcelo with the score at 2-2.

It was a typically tense game between Barcelona and Real Madrid and their was a tangle between Sergio Ramos and Suarez in the first half with the Uruguayan claiming he was elbowed and he threw himself to the floor.

Lionel Messi shortly aftwards went in strongly on Ramos and received a yellow card while Gareth Bale hit Umtiti with a studs up challenge which went unpunished, the same as when Alba grabbed Modric by the neck and gave him a slap.

The referee was gradually losing control although he did make the right call when he sent off Sergi Roberto before half time for his challenge on Marcelo.

Still, the Barcelona players felt hard done by with the decision and complained to the referee as they went in at half time, led by Messi, and Ramos afterwards claimed that they were trying to influence the official.

“Messi put some pressure on him in the tunnel, I don’t know if there were any cameras and I don’t know if the second half would have been different, said Ramos.

The Madrid players could not believe it when Suarez threw Varane to the ground and no foul was called, with the move leading to a goal for Messi and even Suarez admitted after the game that “there was a little bit of a foul.”

Disbelief though grew when Alba took out Marcelo in the area with a kick that went unseen. Everyone in the stadium seemed convinced that a penalty would be called but nothing.

Barcelona players can feel that Bale should have been sent off for his challenge on Umtiti and also that the Welshman should have been dismissed for a challenge on Semedo that only led to a yellow card.

An offside was given against Rakitic in the 54th minute after a Barcelona breakaway which Hernandez Hernandez also got wrong.

After the game both sides hugged each other and nothing was said about the referee, probably because nothing was in play but next season with VAR it will be a different story.