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LLTO Wednesday WAG: Caroline Celico (12/30)

The Beauty: It’s my last LLTO post of the year (and the last of this laboriously long series), so I am glad I get to write about one of soccer’s present and future queens: Caroline Celico. Caroline is a goddess, but she is in love with two men. One is her savior and one is her husband. One is flawless. He never makes a mistake. He always considers the less fortunate. He has never been known to act selfishly. He puts the last first, and the first last. The other one is Jesus.  

The Beast: So, which soccer star can perform miracles on the field (and maybe off of it)? Kaka, of course. Did you think a beauty like Caroline would settle for anyone less? Kaka played 200 games for Milan, but now he is with Real Madrid. He has also racked up almost 75 caps for Brazil. As a previous winner of the World Player of the Year Award, Kaka has few rivals. He is also a decent man who practices what he preaches, a rare sight in modern soccer. 

The Bard: Caroline is a beauty who shuns the spotlight, which makes me like her even more:

My series on sexy Spanish WAGs is now complete, I have given you the entire scoop.

I’ve capped off my tour of ladies with the wife of a man whose name is synonymous with poop.

She’s the only normal girl I’ve profiled out of hundreds and hundreds of WAGs.

Unlike those hussies, she’s not a beauty queen and she’s never been in nudie mags.

Now that I’ve finished these posts about ladies, I’m ready to drink a dozen beers.

2010 is almost here my friends, I hope you have a very happy new years.