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LLTO Wednesday WAG: Amaia Salamanca (11/11)

The Beauty: Miss Amaia Salamanca is a beauty with few rivals. She’s a top model in Spain, and her acting chops have landed her several roles. She has also gained notoriety for appearing in a memorable commercial for Tampax years back. Like America’s “Noxema Girl”, Amaia is thought of often as Spain’s “Tampon Queen”. OK, so maybe I shouldn’t be playing this angle up considering I am trying to convince you of her hotness. One man doesn’t need convincing. 

The Beast: Sergio Ramos has been dating Miss Salamanca for a few months now. Ramos, whose feats on both the pitch and in the bedroom are the stuff of legend, is a stifling defender for Real Madrid and the Spanish National Team. Despite his young age (23), he has already been capped more than 50 times for Spain, and he has scored 4 goals even though he plays in the back. He’s won La Liga twice and Euro 2008, but his future could be even brighter.  

The Bard: Amaia’s beauty is worthy of a long love sonnet, but I got a thing, so: 

I wonder if Sergio knew he loved Amaia Salamanca when their eyes first met.

Well, it probably wasn’t love at first sight because he likely saw her on a TV set.

If he was exceptionally lucky, she may have been appearing in the nude.

But it doesn’t really matter because he bagged her and now he’s one lucky dude.

I hope he realizes what he has, and stops hanging out with pals who are pimps.

Amaia’s a rare beauty and her films are fantastic, well except for Space Chimps.