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Florentino Perez Forced To Defend Gareth Bale

Real Madrid chief Florentino Perez has defended Gareth Bale, suggesting his critics are only attacking him as a way of getting at the club president.

Speaking on Spanish radio Perez, who signed Bale in 2013 and has always defended his €100m man said:

‘The problem at the moment is that getting at Bale has become a sport for some people, I don’t know if they are getting at Bale or at me.’

There were some whistles for Bale when he was substituted in Real Madrid’s last home game against Valencia but Perez said:

‘Bale is one of the greatest players that we have and we are very happy with him.

‘He has won a lot of trophies and had a very important role in two Champions League finals and a Spanish Cup final. Last year he had injury problems and that was a big blow.’

Jose Mourinho joked with Bale when Manchester United played Real Madrid on the clubs’ US tours telling him in the players’ tunnel: ‘I can’t sign you because you wont talk to me.’

And in a press conference after the two sides met he said United would be in the queue if Real Madrid decided to sell.

Perez added: ‘There have been no offers. Mourinho said what he said in a light-hearted way. Right now none of our players are for sale. I don’t know what will happen in one year because nobody knows what will happen in one year.’

Madrid made moves to sign Kylian Mbappé in the summer but the 18-year-old did not want to join Madrid because he felt he would not get enough game time because of competition for places.

Perez said: ‘He has opted for PSG because he was born in Paris. We spoke, but I’ m not sure it was the right time to bring him and upset the atmosphere of the dressing room.

‘In the end what happened is what you would expect: he’s from Paris and PSG wanted him. We are very happy with the team we have. Along with Zinedine Zidane