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Top Six Questions About El Clasico

As we gear up for the first El Clasico of the season this weekend at the Camp Nou in Barcelona, here are the top six reader questions that we have received about the biggest game in club football.

When was the first Clasico played?
The first ever meeting between Madrid and Barcelona in 1902. The occasion was the semi-final of the Copa Coronación, organised to celebrate the crowning of 16-year of Alfonso XIII, and the first ever football competition involving teams from different parts of Spain

Why is it called El Clasico?
El Clásico (“The Classic”) is the name given in football to any match between fierce rivals Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Originally it referred only to those competitions held in the Spanish championship, but nowadays the term has been generalized, and tends to include every single match between the two clubs: UEFA Champions League, Copa del Rey, etc. Other than the UEFA Champions League Final, it is considered one of the biggest club football games in the world, and is among the most viewed annual sporting events.The match is known for its intensity.

El Clasico is as much about Spanish history as it is football. From the start the clubs were seen as representatives of two rival regions in Spain, Catalonia and Castile, as well as of the two cities themselves. The rivalry projects what many regard as the political and cultural tensions felt between Catalans and the Castilians.

Who has the most wins in El Clasico?
Real Madrid leads the head to head results in competitive matches with 95 wins to Barcelona’s 92, while Barcelona leads in total matches with 112 wins to Real Madrid’s 99.

Who has scored the mostEelCclasico goals?
Lionel Messi has scored 25 goals against Real Madrid, well ahead Los Blancos legends Alfredo di Stéfano (who scored 18 goals against Barcelona) and Cristiano Ronaldo (17).

How many people are watching El Clasico?
And that leads back to this weekend’s El Clásico. A few years ago we were told it attracted 400 million viewers, but figures suggest that that the number has now climbed to 650 million, making it the most watched regular season fixture in the world.

Which club has the biggest fan base?
FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are the two biggest and most successful clubs in Spain. A 2007 survey by the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas determined that Real Madrid was the team with the largest following in Spain. Thirty-two percent of the Spanish population supported Real Madrid, while twenty-five percent supported Barcelona.

Barcelona however is more popular in Europe than Madrid. According to a survey made by the German research agency Sport+Markt in 2010, Barcelona has approximately 57.8 million fans around Europe, while Real Madrid has 31.3 million fans.

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