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Does Vicente del Bosque Bring Torres In For Ireland Game?

Spain looked much more of an attacking threat when Fernando Torres came on again Italy and Vicente del Bosque has a real decision to make with his lineup against Ireland. Does he stick with the six midfielders or does he play Torres or Fernando Llorente as a lone striker?

While Torres was not that impressive when he came on, he missed two great goalscoring chances, he did create more danger in his cameo appearance than Spain did in the whole of the rest of the match.

Torres still offers much more pace than either Fàbregas or David Silva, and if Spain make ground down either flank it helps, greatly, to have someone to aim at who is over 1.70m.

If Torres is on the bench again then when does that do to his self-confident when, or if, he is required to come on in a crucial match as an impact sub? If Torres’s finishing was that of a man not fully on his game then what better way to give him sharpness and definition than game time?

It’s easy to see the dilemma for Del Bosque. Ireland has become a must-win match given the two results in Group C so far, and Spain look as if the creative part of their midfield is fully functioning.

There is an argument that Torres now needs to be allowed to start, even to be told this morning ‘you are the centre-forward against Ireland, so that his form, sharpness and confidence can flourish.

Torres remains a potential tournament winner for Spain and how a clever, experienced manager like Del Bosque handles this wonderful but slightly out-of-form striker between now and Thursday is a crucial part of Spain defending their title successfully.

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  • Cat Rudge June 11, 2012, 9:35 pm

    Other players played the whole game and missed chances but Torres plays for only 15 minutes and is crucified. This says a lot for the orchestrated witchhunt of the player which, although it sometimes loses momentum, is relentless in its malice and intensity.

    Torres changed the game when he came on for Chelsea in the Champions League final and the introduction of him and Navas against Italy provided an energy that had previously been lacking. If he had come on earlier I think he would have scored. IMO he should be given the chance to start in the next game.

    • David June 11, 2012, 11:17 pm

      He had two one-on-ones with Buffon and failed to get a shot off the first time and then put the second one over. That is why he is getting criticized.

      But agree that Spain looked so much more dangerous when Navas and Torres came on. Don’t understand why Navas doesn’t play more. Teams crowd the middle of the pitch against Spain, and Navas gives them another option outside.

      I expect Torres to start via Ireland. The Irish will pack the midfield and Spain will need a striker to lead the attack

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