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De GEa: “It’s All Lies”

DDG3David de Gea gave a press conference at Spain’s base on the Île de Ré after his name appeared in a police investigation into Spanish pornographer Ignacio Allende Fernández ‘Torbe’.

According to information published in Eldiario.es a protected witness in the investigation said De Gea had organised a meeting in a five star Madrid hotel between herself, Torbe and two footballers, one of them Athletic Bilbao’s Iker Muniain. According to the victim’s account Torbe had demanded she have sex, along with another girl, with the footballers, who then threatened the girls to ensure they didn’t say anything to anyone.

The Manchester United keeper took the opportunity at the press conference to deny everything that has been published in relation to the affair.

Asked about his reaction to what had been published De Gea said he was the first person to be surprised:

“It’s all a lie. None of it is true”.

He was then asked how he felt about his name being mentioned in connection to the case and whether he felt strong enough to continue with the Spain squad.

“Yes of course”, he replied. “I’ve got lots of support from my team-mates. And as I said before it’s all false. It’s in the hands of my lawyers”, he said. “Those who know me well, know that this is false; my family’s mind is at ease”.

De Gea was questioned over the fact the article in question mentions whatsapp messages to the alleged victim in the case, but he denied everything, saying:

“They can publish what they want, but it’s not true” and saying he was “keener than ever” to get on with playing football.

Asked if he knew where the story could have come from and whether he knew anyone mentioned De Gea responded:

“I’ve no idea. It’s just a way of trying to damage my image. I know it’s false. I’m going to continue”. He didn’t respond to the question over whether he knew anyone involved.

De Gea gave the conference after Spanish portal “eldiario.es” published information this afternoon in which they assured that a “protected witness” has implicated De Gea and Iker Muniain in the case and included extracts from the police report.

National Police sources have confirmed that the documents which have been published are authentic and are in the hands of the judiciary.

Before De Gea spoke the two players who had been scheduled to speak, Aduriz and Bellerín, faced the questions from the press, with the Spanish team press officer telling the journalists present that Aduriz and Bellerín would not answer any questions on the De Gea affair, and Aduriz saying:

“We would appreciate it if we are not asked about the Torbe case; we know absolutely nothing about it”