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David de Gea Named In Sex Scandal

DDG2Stunning news out of France and Spain as Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea has reportedly been accused of organizing a meeting between two footballers and two women, one of whom claims they were both sexually assaulted by the men.

Spanish newspaper El Diario reports that the allegations emerged in a statement given by a protected witness in a rape case against pornography producer Ignacio Fernandez Allende, also known as Torbe. Torbe has been in jail since last April on charges related to prostitution, human trafficking for sexual exploitation, sexual assault, child pornography, extortion and money laundering.

The documents, which have been published by El Diario, state that De Gea was not one of those present at the meeting. Spanish police investigating the case claim that the witness’ statement was “highly credible”.

The allegations come on the first day of Euro 2016 in France. Spain are due to play their first game against Czech Republic on Monday.

There are reports that Spain boss Vicente del Bosque will send de Gea back to Spain as this story threatens to engulf the whole Spanish side as they prepare to defend their Euro 2013 crown.