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Could Man United Hijack Real Madrid’s Bale deal?

Bale-AwardsInteresting story in The Independent that Manchester United are getting ready to enter the Gareth Bale sweepstakes.

According to the paper, David Moyes wants a marquee signing, and the Premier League player of the year would fit the bill.

The problem for United is Daniel Levy. United remember the frustration that came with the eventual signings of Michael Carrick in 2006 and Dimitar Berbatov in 2008 and they are worried that Levy will string them along in order to get a better deal from Real Madrid.

The paper says that Spurs are becoming frustrated with Real Madrid’s approach. Levy and Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez have had several conversations, but Real Madrid have yet to make the kind of bid that Marca says Bale is worth. And that is frustrating Levy.

The newspaper actually says that Levy is beginning to wonder if the Spanish giants actually have the £110m that he wants for Bale. Which at first glance seems a pretty ludicrous thing to think, considering Real Madrid are the richest club in the world.

When Real bought Ronaldo from Manchester United they paid the £80m in full, and Levy probably wants the same for Bale.

But I wonder if Uefa’s Financial Fair Play rules are impacting the deal? For all Real’s influx of young Spanish talent this summer, they only have a net spend of around €7m according to transfermarket.co.uk Could Real Madrid possibly not have the cash flow to pay Bale’s transfer fee in full under the new rules? And if not, does that open the door to Manchester United to hijack the move?