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Carlos Simeone: “I can’t see my son anywhere other than Atlético”

simeoneGreat news for Atlético Madrid fans, as the father of the teams manager Diego Simeone, Carlos Simeone, in an interview on ‘Radio MARCA’ cast no doubt where his son will be next season. t

“Things change a lot in football, but I can’t see him anywhere else. There are a lot of rumors, but he looks perfectly at ease, calm, secure and confident. He’s doing great.”

The coach’s father also explained how he felt watching Atleti’s agonizing qualification for the Champions League quarter-finals:

“My body still hurts. I watched the game by myself. I didn’t even answer the phone. I couldn’t watch anymore, but when I saw Juanfran put on his poker face, I knew he’d put it in. He looked really confident.”

Carlos Simeone shares a dream with the ‘Rojiblancos’ fans:

“Winning the Champions League would be huge. This group of players and the coaching staff are so closely united, they will give everything they’ve got to go as far as possible.”