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Carlo Ancelotti: “Our attacking play is disorganised”

carlo-ancelotti-real-madridAfter another disappointing performance and defeat to Athletic Bilbao on Saturday night at San Mamés in Bilbao, Real Madrid coach blamed the defeat on problems with his normally unstoppable front line.

“We’re lacking a bit of effectiveness up front. There’s no linking up. We played too individually when we needed other kinds of solutions. What we’re doing when we attack at the moment is rather disorganised. It’s strange to say that Real Madrid have problems up front when we’ve scored so many goals, but I think it’s the truth”, said Ancelotti.

Forwards with no space.

“We played sluggishly, taking too many touches. There was no quick passing and the strikers had no space to find a way through.”


“Attacking play is all about timing, in terms of passing and losing your mark. It’s a combination of both things, and it’s not working at the moment.”


“I have to take full responsibility because this is my team and they’re playing poorly”, assured
Ancelotti. “The league is going to get tough, but I’m not giving up because this isn’t over and we’re going to fight for it.”


“We gifted them the game – not just the first 45 minutes, because we couldn’t muster a comeback, but in the second half too.”


“I don’t think it’s a question of attitude, but a lack of technique, of attacking play, like I said. The attitude of the players is fine because we all know that every game is crucial.”