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Barca Still Looking To Add To Squad

luis-enrique-barca2Barcelona boss Luis Enrique addressed the media ahead of his side’s Gamper Trophy match tonight and indicated that despite a busy summer in the transfer market that Barcelona are not finished bringing in new players.

Is the squad finalised?

I’m not saying it’s closed. Not me, nor anyone at the club. You always look to strengthen and you always have to be the strongest.

What are your first impressions of Luis Suárez?

In the two sessions that he’s been in you can see he’s a top level player. I know how we play and fits the profile, and I’d like to be able to give him some minutes tomorrow as a reward for the work he’s done on his own.

What happened with Deulofeu?

His exit was a personal decision taken by me. I know him well because I gave him his debut in the Segunda aged 16. I think for his progression he wasn’t going to get enough minutes with Barça and a high-level loan deal was the best thing, as he can show his quality. Gerard has things that I love and some things he needs to improve. It was a decision by the coach.

Have you decided your starting XI for the Liga?

I have my preferences, but I always tell the players first. I’m getting both the goalkeeper’s position and the side a lot clearer. I’m very happy with the ambition being showed, it’s making me optimistic.

Is Alves staying?

I’ve said it numerous times: He’s one of the squad members coming back later. Hopefully he’s in our squad.

Do you see Mascherano’s position in the middle of the park?

I see him as a started, on the bench or in the stands. I like him a lot as a centre back and as a defensive midfielder and we will see him in both positions. We want stiff competition and we will grow more with this competition.

Do you see Messi up top or a little bit further back?

Leo can play in any position. He will have freedom to move positions in attack.He’s without a doubt the best player in the world and we will adapt ourselves around him.

How are the players who are joining up later?

Neymar and Xavi will get the medical green light tomorrow and the rest are at a high level. They will be able to play, perhaps not 90 minutes, but some time.

Could experience work in Bravo’s favour?

I see the three keepers as good as the others. I won’t decide via Russian Roulette, but if I did I wouldn’t be wrong. Players shouldn’t have to just think about the team, and look at helping the side as always.

Munir has surprised you?

No, because I knew him. Nobody and everyone has surprised me.