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Bale: The Fans Have Been Amazing And Deserve It

bale-ucl-trophyGareth Bale, who took a penalty despite suffering badly from cramp told BT Sport:

“I can’t feel a lot, I am cramping up. What an amazing feeling, in extra time we showed resilience, what we are made of and winning the 11th.

“The boys gave everything, the club, the fans have been amazing on this journey and deserve it.

“Atletico gave it a great game and we feel a little bit sorry for them but you have to win a final.

“Some of their players were struggling but we tried not to show it too much. I was nervous after the penalty, not while taking it.

On beating their city and Primera Division rivals, he added:

“That’s the most important thing [beating their rivals]. Obviously they gave us a great game and we’re obviously feeling a little bit sorry for them but a final is a final and you have to win.

“Everyone was struggling… I spoke with a few of their players who were struggling. We tried not to show it too much but we just kept going and I can’t wait to lift that trophy again.”