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Atletico Request Clarification on VAR Use

Atletico Madrid released a statement in the aftermath of Saturday’s Madrid derby calling for LaLiga to explain under which circumstances VAR can be used.

Diego Simeone’s men took a point from the Bernabeu following a scoreless draw with Real Madrid, but felt aggrieved on a number of occasions due to a number of infractions committed by the home side going unnoticed by the officials.

The away team’s cries for a penalty in the first half after Casemiro appeared to handle the ball in the box were waved away by referee Juan Martinez Munuera, as were their complaints after Jose Gimenez received a push in the back from Sergio Ramos.

After observing the different use and consultation of VAR in similar moves during several matches, Atletico Madrid will request a clarification on Monday from the Technical Committee of Referees on this type of situation,” the statement read.

“Great confusion has been generated by the different criteria applied in similar actions, including the referee reviewing the image himself on the monitor in some cases and ignoring it in others, despite the obvious controversy of the action.

“We believe this clarification is very important to facilitate the work of the professionals and avoid the confusion of the fans.”