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Ancelotti Says It Will Take 100 Points To Win The League

carlo-ancelotti-real-madridReal Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti says that he is not surprised by Barcelona and Atletico Madrid’s first half performance in the League saying that ‘you need 100 points’ to win it.

Real Madrid find themselves five points behind the duo in the title race after a weekend draw to Osasuna.

“The level in La Liga is very high. There are only two teams with 43 points from their games,” reflected Ancelotti to reporters today.

“To win this League you need about 100 points. We will try to do our best. It is not a surprise.

“I don’t think we had a bad game against Osasuna, although the result was not good. The first 20 minutes were the best of this team.

“Would I make the same changes that I made in Pamplona again? Why are you asking this? Is it beclaise you did not like them? I will explain.

“Di Maria came on for Bale in order to change the way we play. To use the same system with 10 that we used against Galatasaray. With Di Maria we played 4-3-2.

“Then, Nacho came on for Modric so that Alonso could play in midfield and have more effect, whilst Jese came on for Isco to occupy the wings.”

Both Atletico Madrid and Barcelona are on pace to get 102 points this season, which would be a records. It is very conceivable that Real Madrid could break their own record of 100 points in a season and still not win the title, that is how dominating that Barcelona and Atletico have been this season.