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Ancelotti: “Casillas Will Start In Supercopa”

atletico-madrid-vs-real-madridReal Madrid’s Italian manager refused to reveal his line-up for tomorrow’s first leg against Atleti, but did confirm that Iker Casillas will start in goal for the European Champions.

Will Casillas start? And in the league?

Iker will play. He’s training and has the confidence of everyone. After that we’ll see.

Could the goalkeeper change for Friday?

I don’t know, I’m not thinking about Friday’s game yet.

Di María?

Di María is available like all the rest. He could start the game and have his chance, but just like the other players. Tomorrow one team will play, and it’ll be a different one on Friday.

Will Xabi Alonso play?

I’m not going to give the line-up for lots of reasons. I’ve not told the players yet.


I think Atlético have changed a bit. They’ve signed big players and their style of play [will change]. As always they’ll be a tough rival. Just like last year.

Kroos gave a top performance in the Supercopa. James on the other hand seems less well adapted.

I think James did well, like the rest, but against Sevilla he didn’t play in his normal position, he was playing a bit further back. He has to get used to it. We’re trying out that position, but he can play elsewhere. The thing is he needs to get used to playing a bit deeper.

What was the sporting criteria that led to choosing Casillas over Diego López?

Diego López decided to leave. Nobody kicked him out. It’s got nothing to do with the sporting side. Last year we had two great keepers and this year we’ve got great keepers.

Are you thinking of changing the system?

I’m not thinking of changing the system, we’ll carry on with last year’s system. In any one game we might change things, but just for that particular moment in that particular game. The idea is the same as last year’s.

Does the Di María situation remind you of what happened with Özil?

It doesn’t remind me of Özil, I’m not discussing it, because I’ll lose my focus. I don’t know what Di María has decided. He’s ready to play and he can play for the team. Up to 31 August that’s our line. Whether he stays or goes everything will return to normal.