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All I Want For X-mas: Conclusion

Well it’s X-mas time and you know what that means….

It means it is time for one more grand finale of lovely ladies dressed in slutty Santa outfits (Oh how I will miss the month of December).  And what would be a more suiting way to exit our X-mas holiday cheer then with the most lovely bard yet written by a Yank. 

Well I can’t provide that for you, but I will do my best. 

Merry X-mas everyone.

A Bard for the Santa Ladies

Santa Ladies, Santa Ladies how you do bring us such good cheer,

Not only for the slutty outfits, but also for what’s underneath the brazier.

Stupid pointy hats, high heels, along with revealing red cloaks and white lace,

Each one of Santa’s little helpers has such an angelic face.

Even though it’s stupid, dear, where the elf ears if you must,

For Santa’s Ladies are the LLTO’s pumpkin pie with the crust.

For without these beauties this site would be mere words on a page,

And sites like Victoria’s Secret would be the ones with all the rage.

Well they still get more hits then us but that is okay,

Because Santa’s Little Helpers are here to stay.

January, February, even May sounds good enough to me,

Would you rather see a Santa babe or Lionel Messi?

I know my answer is easy and probably this sites norm,

But if you wish for the opposite then one wish I will perform.

A Sexy Santa Man because after all Santa is a dude,

My apoligies to all of the men my joke was crude.